December 21, 2009

so this is my first attempt at actually starting a blog.

over the years i have attempted numerous times to keep some kind of written account of my life. i bought many diaries and journals but all them are empty. the lucky ones have maybe one or two entries but thats as far as i’ve ever gotten. i’m very impulsive but i never stick to any one thing. i consider myself a half lit firework, i’m very productive and excited to do something at first but i fizzle out fast. but no more!

i want to stick to this blog and be able to look back on it in a few years and remember my thoughts. i guess with the new year coming up, i can call this my resolution.

ok so to get started i will talk about myself. i don’t care if no one is reading this, i’m doing it for me! so lets see…i am currently an undergrad majoring in Biology. when i graduate i hope to go to medical school and become a doctor. i love art and history. i enjoy going to museums and examining them thoroughly. i try to follow the evolving world of fashion by watching the runway shows from the most prominent designers twice a year during spring and fall fashion weeks. i occasionally watch shows from new designers but i like getting my favorites out of the way before doing that. i follow pop culture whichever way possible because i don’t like being clueless about things in social situations.

thats all i can think of thats worth mentioning for now. there’s much more to come!


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