December 21, 2009

i am a bag lady. i LOVE bags. every girl has a favorite type of accessory and bags are mine.

having said that i have bag wishlist. i recently got the bag that was number one on my list thanks to my loving boyfriend (yay). my number two bag is the balenciaga first bag which seems to be on the arm of every celebrity. i love how each bag comes in a variety of colors, i want them all! but thats unrealistic so i chose some of my favorties:

this is the holiday first bag

this is the regular first bag in storm

i love these two, i’m not sure which one i like more! i love the holiday first bag because its so different from the others due to its multitude of colors but then again i also like the traditional type of balenciaga and storm is such a great color! hmmm.

i also like the balenciaga clutches! my favorite is the giant envelope:

i can’t choose which colors i like the best! my favorite color is pink so i wanted a balenciaga in framboise (as pictured below) but i have too many pink bags as it is and this would be my chance to finally deviate away from my pink obsession. i really like the one worn by lindsay lohan (also pictured below), the balenciaga shoes she’s wearing are none too shabby either!

i love purple because its close to pink BUT its not! here’s a nice one worn by lauren conrad:

i love how it can be worn dressy and casual. and i absolutely love how the color pops. i like loud colors so a balenciaga is the perfect excuse to go crazy on color! for example i don’t think i would ever wear neon green (i stick to olive and jade) but after seeing this balenciaga worn by nicky hilton (pictured below) i’m starting to see the color in a brand new light:

i love these vibrant colors, i don’t understand why anyone would wear brown or black balenciagas! well, i guess they’re nice too but i think people who are going to buy a balenciaga should take advantage of their plethora of beautiful colors. nicole richie has the right idea:

i eternally envy heidi montag and her bag collection. among her many chanels, louis vuittons, and birkens she has a sprinkle of balenciagas as well. i love how she accessorizes without being too matchy matchy (big pet peeve of mine!):

however i don’t like her gigantic bags, its just overdoing it:

although i love the colorful balenciagas i can’t deny how nice the white and grey balenciagas look, especially the pebble! i feel like they would go with a lot of outfits and not take too much attention away from what you’re wearing. i like the white one worn by lauren conrad (pictured below) and the grey one worn by chiara ferragni (also pictured below):

so to conclude this long discussion on balenciaga bags, i STILL don’t know what i want! actually after all this i’m even more undecided! i know i want a colorful one but WHICH color? this will continue to torment me. sigh.


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