calendar bracelet

December 21, 2009

so i was watching E! News the other day and they had a segment on cute gift ideas for the girls in your life. and i saw these really cute bracelets by dalla nonna:

they are calendar charm bracelets! you choose the birth month of the person you are getting this for and get a charm reflecting that month. then you choose the day they were born and select the type of stone you like best (there are seven types) and that stone is put on the day of the month your giftee was born. the bracelet’s strap is faux suede (you can choose from seven different colors!) and the calendar charms are made from either silver, yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. there are also two additional small charms that are on either side of the calendar charm.

i think this is such a great bracelet! i love that you can personalize it so much by choosing every little detail about the bracelet! if i were to get one made for myself i think i would choose a blue suede strap with the rose gold charm with a light green sapphire stone. i’m practically foaming at the mouth thinking of how nice it would be! i love how the rose gold looks:

as you can see above, they also have necklaces available but i personally like the idea of them being on suede bracelets. the only flaw with this bracelet is the PRICE. the bracelets start at $400 and go up to $590! so yeah it may not be that affordable but it IS a really cute bracelet (which was my original point).


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