New Bag Wishlist

December 24, 2010

My style seems to be ever evolving and with it, my taste in handbags. I remember last year all I wanted was a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Azur. Now I am repulsed by the idea. Not that there’s anything wrong with the bag! It just seems to be too played out. It used to be an It Bag but now I think its become too much of a common place item (and knock-off). I also remember I wanted the Balenciaga First bag. Well no more! I actually misidentified the bags I mentioned in my previous post (my knowledge of bags wasn’t that great before), they were Part Time bags not First bags.

The only Balenciagas I want now are the Part Time bag and the Giant City bag. I like the Part Time in Bois de Rose:

As for the Giant City, I’ve seen some nice ones in Grey but I can’t seem to find them anywhere anymore. Let’s hope better colors come our way soon! Here’s a pic of the Peony colored Giant City (I would never get this color btw).

Moving on from Balenciaga… I was in serious consideration over the past few months as to whether or not I should get the Alexander Wang Rocco bag. The bag itself is nice but I wasn’t sure if I wanted it because it truly fit my style or just because it was an It Bag from a great designer. I wasn’t crazy about the Black version but I did go crazy over the Grey version. To my luck, it sold out within weeks.

I was about to buy this bag in Sage Green but after careful consideration I decided not to because it just didn’t suit my personal style. I like more classic yet contemporary bags. It was still extremely hard to come to this decision though.

Now moving on to the bags I actually have a hope of obtaining. I’ve been going crazy the past few weeks about the Givenchy Nightingale bag. I didn’t care too much for it at first but then I became obsessed. I especially love the Nightingales with little details like a chain strap.

One bag I’ve been obsessed with since I’ve seen it on a blogger is the Miu Miu Vitello Lux Bag. It comes in a few colors but of course I was drawn to the Pastel Purple one:

Another bag I’m dying to get is the YSL Muse. I especially love it in Red!

I also want the YSL Logo Clutch. I’m not sure what color I would get but I think this beige one is nice:

The last bag on my list is one I’ve been thinking of getting for a while…the Marc Jacobs Stam bag. I love it in Blush (a new color out this season!).

Well that completes my bag wishlist (for now). If I must get one of these bags sometime soon it would have to be the Balenciaga Giant Part Time and then the Marc Jacobs Stam. I feel those are the most appropriate for my age and style right now. I can hold off on the Givenchy Nightingale for now but I plan on getting the YSL Muse bag for my birthday (hopefully). With the new year coming up, I’m guessing I’ll find new bags to add to this list.


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