Nikon D3100

March 28, 2011

For a year and a half now I’ve been visiting various fashion and lifestyle blogs and while I was immersed in the fashion and travel aspects of these blogs, I also unexpectedly fell in love with photography in a beautiful turn of events. I began studying the way these bloggers used color, light, special effects and just natural intuition to create beautiful images. It wasn’t long before I began yearning for a digital SLR camera of my own (these are the type of cameras they used). My old digital camera had been gathering dust in an abandoned laptop bag in my closet and I was in no mood to study photography using something that was used to take numerous mirror pictures of a pouty face during my high school years. I started researching on which DSLR I should get. The first major decision was to choose between Canon or Nikon. I chose Nikon just because my favorite fashion blogger had one (and I really admired her pictures). The next major decision was choosing which Nikon camera I should get. I decided I wanted the much buzzed-about new entry-level camera from Nikon, the Nikon D3100:

This camera is perfect for a photography newbie like me. Once I have sufficiently mastered amateur photography I think I’ll buy a better camera like the Canon 5D Mark II (an amazing camera). I absolutely cannot wait until I have a D3100 in my hands, ready to use, ready to begin a new hobby, ready to pursue a new fantastic adventure!


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